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General Reminders

  • Brookside Briefs will be posted monthly on the BPS PTA website ( as the means to facilitate open communication between school and home.
  • Homeroom begins promptly at 8:42 AM. Punctuality is such a critical piece in students developing solid time management skills. Please also be sure to check with your son/daughter about the belongings he/she will need for the day in order to support a greater sense of responsibility within them. The elimination of trips being made back to the school once the day has begun is a lofty, but very worthwhile, goal.
  • Lunch at Home
    • Send in a note for HR teacher
    • Pick up at 11:50 AM at Brookside Place doors
    • Return time for PM session by 12:48 PM at Brookside Place doors
  • If you have a problem or concern, please contact your child’s teacher immediately. He/she will notify you as to the best method for contacting them (phone, e-mail, note, etc.).
  • Online Lunch Ordering
  • Safety, Safety, Safety – Parents/guardians are also asked to discuss the importance of their children obeying all traffic safety signs, using crosswalks at all times and keeping the staff parking lot clear of all pedestrians as a way to continue reinforcing safety as one of our highest priorities.

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