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Safety, Respect and Visitor Policy

Each morning on the announcements, the topics of safety and respect are regularly reinforced. A couple of the key pieces, that include one specific quotation from the late John Wooden and two well know phrases, emphasized are listed below. All you can do to reinforce these messages at home are greatly appreciated.


  • Always walk on the paths in order to keep the staff parking lot clear of all students to ensure the highest level of physical safety.
  • Remain keenly aware of one’s surroundings especially when engaging in any activities before or after school and during recess.


  • Be considerate and respectful of others by moving quietly through the hallways going to or from special subject classes.
  • “Discipline yourself so others won’t need to.” – John Wooden
  • “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”
  • “It is nice to be important, but FAR more important to be nice.”

Week of Respect

Aligning with our focus on Kindness during the month of October at BPS, the first full week of October is celebrated across the country as the Week of Respect/Kindness. While the entire month will see a collective focus with regard to the theme of kindness, this first full week will be the recipient of additional attention through meaningful and engaging activities on just how critical it is for everyone to be especially kind to others.

Visitor Policy

All visitors are reminded to enter the building through the Brookside Place main doors. Please ring the buzzer and kindly announce your name, reason for the visit and show a photo ID once an office staff member welcomes you to Brookside. Additionally, remember to always stop in the main office to sign in and pick-up a visitor’s pass.

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