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Kindergarten Parent Things To Know

List of things I would want to know as a Kindergarten parent at BPS:

  • Who to call when my child is absent

The number to call if your child is absent is: 908 709-6724

  • Schedule for ½ day, delayed opening

½ day is: 8:20-11:00 for AM K and 10:00-12:30pm for PMK

  • PTA website

Save the following website to your favorites and try to visit it once a week.  This is where you’ll find most of the information about activities happening at the school.

  • School shirt

In the fall, the PTA will offer clothing (shirts, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc.) for sale with the school logo on it.  It is not required to purchase these items, however, we strongly suggest you do buy a t-shirt for your child because it’s inevitable that they will be asked to wear a school shirt for field trips and other school outings.  A larger size shirt could get you through a few years, so it’s worth it.

  • Fall Fest

The Brookside PTA hosts an annual Fall festival in October.  It’s held on a weekend and it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.  Think carnival on a small scale.  There’s carnival games, face painting, mini-pumpkin painting and decorating, etc.  Parents will be asked to please volunteer to help run some of the games, bake (or buy) cakes for the cake walk as well as participate in a pulled pork contest.  You can get as involved in it as you’d like.  If you volunteer, it can be only for an hour or the whole day – your choice.  It’s a fun-filled day but it relies heavily on parent’s participation.

  • Holiday boutique

The PTA also hosts a holiday boutique in early December for the kids to purchase gifts for family members.  Parents will be asked to volunteer.  $1-$5 per family member is more than enough.  Exp: two parents and one sibling – $5-$15 will allow your child to purchase a nice gift for each individual.

  • Olympics info

The Olympics is held in the spring- usually June and is a TON of fun for the kids! They will be assigned a “country” and a teacher who is their “coach”- the list goes up in the hallway of BPS the week before the Olympics. You should buy a white shirt and then decorate the front with the country flag and name for your child to wear. Many parents come to watch the Olympics. It is held at BPS outside by the playgrounds and grass. You can come watch, take pictures and follow your child around as they participate. Kindergarteners are dismissed around 11:00am or 11:15am to go to the gym and have pizza and then go home with you.  PM Kindergarteners come for the morning that day.

  • Variety show info

The variety show is held in the spring- usually April. It is voluntary- your child can decide to participate or not. A parent or the teacher will be practicing a song/dance with the class to perform on stage the night of the variety show. Practices are held when the volunteer is available- they will give you info on this in the spring.

  • Book swap

In the late Spring, the PTA will ask parents to send in gently used books from home for the school book swap.  For each book your child brings in, they will be allowed to pick out a “new” book from the collected books.

  • What to do for my child’s birthday in class

That is the up to each teacher- Kindergarten classes have been turning away from bringing in food for birthdays due to allergies- the teacher will let you know.

  • What will I need to put out money for?

At the beginning of the year the class parents will contact you about a voluntary financial contribution that they use for teacher gifts etc throughout the year. However there are other things to pay for if you wish- plant sale, book sale, yearbooks, fundraisers, etc. Information comes out throughout the year.

  • What type of shoes for gym?

Sneakers- they have to be real sneakers- not just rubber-soled shoes. If you can see the socks on the top part of the foot (not the ankle), then they will be asked to sit out.

  • What do I do if I have to pick my child up early from school or drop something off that they forgot?

Call the office and let them know.

  • Playground after school?

For AM K- you can go on the playground but be mindful of noise as others are in class. Around 20 minutes only. PM after school the playground is open to all.

  • What should I attend (i.e. parties, trips, stepping up, Olympics)?

You will be asked to volunteer for various things. Yes, plan on attending Stepping Up (a year end ceremony for kindergartens and their families), Olympics, Variety Show, Halloween Parade if your schedule permits.

  • Where is the PTA mailbox?

In the office on the left on the shelves.

  •  Signing up for Honeywell – an emergency communication system.

Ask Mr. Klimko if you have issues signing up for Honeywell.

  • Book fair- give money, how much?

Yes, send your child in with money. $5 is sufficient or more if you would like them to buy more books.


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions – whether it be to other “seasoned” parents or to the teacher.

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