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Celebrate with Books – Formerly Known As Legacy Week

Celebrate with Books (formerly Legacy Week)

Celebrate with books is a PTA sponsored event for students of BPS. This event was started to help keep the BPS library stocked with wonderful books. It is an opportunity for your child to donate a book to the library and then “showcase” themselves in one of BPS showcases located outside the office or library.  Fill the showcase with special things that tell us about your child.  A “donated by” label will be placed in your child’s donated book for all BPS eternity.

Here is how it works:

Choose a week for your showcase from this signup genius link Celebrate With Books Sign-Up.  You have the options of donating the book of your choice or donating $15 and letting the librarian choose with your child.  Please fill out the form found below.  Stick it in your child’s folder in an envelope marked “Legacy Week”.  It should include the form (and $15 if you’ve selected to let the librarian choose the book) or feel free to dop it off in the PTA mailbox, located in the main office.

Each week has the option of the main entrance or the library showcase. The week and location will be on a first come first serve basis per the sign up.

***Please note that certain weeks only have 2,3 or 4 days so please check the school calendar when you choose your week***.

On the week of your child’s showcase please have your display up by 8:35 on the first day of the school week. The custodians have the keys to unlock the showcases. You may be able to set up your display the Friday afternoon before your week starts. Please dismantle your display after school on the last day of your week so the next person can set theirs up.  You can also just send in your child with a bag and they will be able to empty it on Friday after classes. Please contact Mrs. Moultrie prior to setting up to make an appointment to access the school.

If you have any questions please contact Marilyn Geraghty at [email protected].



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