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Class Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to be a class parent. In addition to understanding the class parent responsibilities, please be aware of the following guidelines in the selection of class parents:
– You must be a PTA member to be considered for class parent.
– You can only be a class parent for one child at a given time.
– Class parents are selected 3 to a class, unless the teacher requests just 2.
– Parents who have never been a class parent for a child’s class will be given priority.
– To encourage the widest participation, parents (or anyone from that family) may not be selected as class parent if they have volunteered for the same child two years in a row (unless there are not enough volunteers).
– At the end of the submission form, there is a question as to whether or not you have been a class parent before.  If you have, please make sure you let us know the names of each child and years you have been selected as a class parent.

Thank you.


  • **NEW THIS YEAR** Designate 1 of the class parents as the class photographer and yearbook liaison. This person is responsible for sending pictures to the yearbook email throughout the year.
  • Promptly contact parents with information received from the PTA Board that may include early morning school closings, delayed openings or an emergency school closing during the school day.
  • At the teacher’s discretion, help organize class projects, parties & activities.
  • Manage the supplies and/or funds donated by the parents.
  • Act as a chaperone on class trips or find a willing parent to chaperone.
  • Enlist parental support during the year for the various BPS & PTA events and fundraisers.
  • Compile and distribute a “class list” to include any allergies or special needs.
  • This position requires that you be available to receive (no answering machines, please) and make early morning phone calls, in case of a Honeywell Emergency Notification system failure.
  • Term of service runs from September – end of June.

**Please be advised, it is imperative that any phone calls, e-mails, or other directives, be acted upon promptly.

**Information dissemination is not at the discretion of the class parent.

Contact Michelle Werner at [email protected] or Renee Melchiorre at melchio[email protected] if you have any questions.

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