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Class Parents List

BPS Class Parents 2020-2021

AM Francis-K Vanessa Yates [email protected]
Mary Rochowiak [email protected]
Andrea Tyrell [email protected]


PM Francis-K Katie Wright [email protected]
Christine Licata [email protected]
Meghan Cisiewicz [email protected]


Mrs. Sforza-K Lynn Carpenter

Kathleen Ryan

Kristina Bomba

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


1 O’Shea Krista Miller [email protected]
Dale Schwebel [email protected]
1 Gilbertson Chrissy Lukenda [email protected]
Courtney Irwin [email protected]


1 Specht Jamie Gaetano [email protected]
Meghan Geragthy [email protected]


1 Green Beth Kulik [email protected]
Kristyn Gorman [email protected]


2 Bendert Alissa Sojka [email protected]
Kristyn Gorman [email protected]


 2 Jackson none
2 Petrow Allison Ahearn [email protected]
Kristine Harris [email protected]
 2 Sztansik Kelly Warnke [email protected]  
Emma Fonseca [email protected]
Christine Bove [email protected]
3 Higgins Molly Dennis [email protected]
Rosa Ricciardi [email protected]
3 Kroll Keren Segal [email protected]
Nicole McCloskey [email protected]
3 Pierce Ginette Bracke [email protected]
Alex Paulson [email protected]
Meghan Smith [email protected]
4 Brockman Shanna Fox [email protected]
Shelly Shaffery [email protected]
Kim Donnelly [email protected]
4 Surmay Christine Bove [email protected]
Marylin Geraghty [email protected]
Karen Lapenta [email protected]
4 Wilhelm Rebecca Wedmin [email protected]
Kristin Tully [email protected]
5 Antoniewicz Corrine Demskie [email protected]
Ildiko Grundmann Coon [email protected]
Deepa D’Souza [email protected]
5 Collins Jennifer Arbeitman [email protected]
Nicole Griffin [email protected]
Robin Yablonski [email protected]
5 Halkias Teri Kandel [email protected]
Lexi Kiriakatis [email protected]
Rachel Capece [email protected]
5 Scholz Kinga Keaveney [email protected]
Tara McDonald [email protected]
Nicole Pawelko [email protected]


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Class Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering to be a class parent! In addition to understanding the class parent responsibilities, please be aware of the following guidelines in the selection of class parents: – You must be a PTA member to be considered for class parent. – You can only be a class parent for one child at …