Raising Healthy Children Presentation

Raising Healthy Children

November 30 at 7:00 pm at CHS

Presented by George Scott

The presentation is being presented in partnership with the Cranford School District Parent Academy, the Cranford PTC and all school PTAs.

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BPS Giving Box


The Brookside PTA invites you to help make the holidays happy for a local child or family.

You and/or your child are invited to visit the Brookside Giving Box beginning on Wednesday, 11/15/17 located in front of the office.


Please take a gift tag from the Giving Box area by the BPS Main Office. Per Cranford Board of Education Policy, please remember to present a photo ID when you are buzzed into the building.

(The gift tag indicates gender, age, and size information and gift ideas as provided by Cranford Family Care)

Please place your gift (it can be wrapped or unwrapped) in the Giving Box

(IMPORTANT:  original gift tag with age and gender information must be attached to your gift)

Please place gifts in the Giving Box by Friday December 15, by 8:35am in order to meet Cranford Family Care’s delivery schedule.  Thank you for your generosity!

Questions? Please contact one of the committee members:

Rachel Capece rachelcapece@icloud.com

Antonia Cleaveland antonia528@verizon.net

Colleen Didomenico ralcol@aol.com

Amanda Ghanime amanda.ghanime@zoho.com

Jaclyn Horbal  jaclynhmarie@gmail.com

Megan Hutton mhutton26@gmail.com

Susan Kastin susan@kastin.org

Lynn McCabe lynnmmcc@gmail.com

Marsha McCarthy marshamccarthynj@gmail.com

Melissa Paine mspaine08@gmail.com

Lissette Pryor ortizpryor268@gmail.com

Amy Senft-Ritter outerbanks7@hotmail.com





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School Pictures & Retake Information

Your children’s Picture Day portraits will be coming home in their folders sometime before Thanksgiving break. We hope they came out great! However, if you are not satisfied with them, you may have retakes taken on Wednesday 11/29/17.

** If you would like retakes, please email Antonia Cleaveland at antonia528@verizon.net by Monday 11/27 to have your child’s name added to the retake list. If you email Antonia to request retakes, your child must bring their original package of pictures that you are returning with them on Wednesday, 11/29.**

Please note that on Retake Day, 11/29/17, all students in clubs (Ex. Homework Club, Environmental Club, etc) and all students in orchestra, band and/or chorus will have their photographs taken for use in the yearbook. No action on your part is necessary- just an FYI. In addition, all 5th grade students will have their picture taken as a group. Information about that will be coming from Teri Kandel.



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Do they like to dance, produce a film, write a poem or story, compose a song, take a picture or create a piece of visual art? This year’s PTA Reflections in Art theme is “Within Reach”

Local, State and potentially National Recognition for your child’s creative expression in the following categories: Visual Arts, Dance choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition and Photography. Categories include: Pre-K – 2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and special artists. Must be child’s own unique work.

Be on the lookout for upcoming entry forms and requirements in your child’s folder and via email, as well as BPS Facebook page. Find out more details from Nicole Consorte nicoleorange@yahoo.com and get creative! Submit your child’s entry including the piece of art, title and artist statement (what inspired the work and how it relates to the theme – 100 word max) by December 11, 2017.

More information can be found here http://www.pta.org/reflections

Entry form can be found here Reflections Art



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November Brookside Briefs & Healthy Hints

November’s character trait is Gratitude.

Thank you to the Walk Your Child to School Day , Fallfest and Trick or Trunk Committees for bringing the BPS community together in the month of October.

Please read the entire November brief found in the Principals’ Info tab (along the top bar) Principal’s Monthly Message for more information & important dates.  BrooksideBriefsNovember2017 & Nurse’s Healthy Hints (see tab)

See school calendar for all activities in November all dates are in the newsletter as well as on the BPS PTA website calendar.




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Spirit Wear Orders Are In

Spirit Wear Apparel Sale items are in

If you placed an order online, your child will be bringing home the items home Tuesday or Wednesday, unless you instructed the chair Nicole Griffin otherwise.

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Volunteers Needed

Looking to volunteer this school year?

There is still a chance!!
The PTA could really use your help with the following:
> BPS Brick Sale– looking for chair and co-chair to coordinate orders and collection of money
> Screen Free Week (May 2017)- looking for chair and co-chair to coordinate programs and rewards for the children to replace screen time
If you are interested, please contact Michelle Werner mpilecki@hotmail.com.

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Post Office is Open!

3rd Grade Post OfficeDid you know that Brookside Place School has their own postal service for the students?  This awesome program is run by our own 3rd graders.  The students sort and deliver the mail every week.

Looking for something to do on a rainy day?  Have your child send a letter to a sibling or friend at BPS!  Parents, everyone loves to get a card, right?  Send a letter or card to your child and have it delivered by the 3rd Grade Post Office!  Mail is sorted and delivered every Tuesday, so there is still time to get something in before the first post office delivery date, next Tuesday, October 24th.

Students, parents, teachers and friends: send mail to anyone from BPS, via the Third Grade Post Office.

What can you send?? Any Letter, card, greeting card or postcard.

Where do you mail it?? Put it in the mailbox by the Main Office or give to your teacher before Tuesday lunch.

When will it be delivered?? Every Tuesday at recess.

Each person from Brookside will have his/her own address.

See below for an example of how to address the envelope

Example envelope:

Josie Fiore                                                                 Sticker/Stamp

13 Pierce Place

Cranford, NJ 07016

Aubrey Dispensa

12 Higgins Lane

Cranford, NJ 07016

Teachers’ addresses

K: 1 Frances Fairway

1st: 2 O’Shea Way, 4 Gilbertson Garden, 5 First Ave (Schlenker)

2nd: 8 Petrow Path, 10 Rainbow Row (Chelland), 11 Sztancsik Skyway,

3rd: 9 Bendert Boulevard, 12 Higgins Lane, 13 Pierce Place

4th: 14 Ventura Highway, 15 Brockman Brook Lane, 17 Surmay Springs

5th: 16 Halkias Highway, 18 Collins Court, 20 Scholz Street

Please refer to the directory for other addresses- ie: art, music, etc.


Any questions email Kim Dispensa at kdispensa@mac.com

Be sure to keep those cards and letters coming!!






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Celebrate with Books

Celebrate with Books
        Celebrate with Books is a PTA sponsored event. This event was started to help keep the BPS library stocked with wonderful books. It is an opportunity for your child to donate a book to the library and then “showcase” themselves in one of two BPS showcases – located outside the main office or library.  Fill the showcase with special things that tell us about themselves!  A “donated by” label will then be placed in your child’s donated book.  Please see attached for a picture of a sample showcase.
Here is how it works:
        Print out and complete the Celebrate with Books form.  This form can be found on the BPS PTA website (http://www.bpspta.digitalpto.com/) under the link “PTA Fundraisers”.  Send it in along with your payment of $15 to the PTA box in an envelope marked “Celebrate with Books”.
        Please note that forms from fifth graders will be processed first until 10/6.  After October 6th, all other forms will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.
        We will try to accommodate your choice of showcase week as best we can.  Any questions please contact Melanie Towne at mtowne4@yahoo.com!
Thank you for your support.

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