Spirit Wear Is In

Spirit Wear will be distributed to students this week!
If you do not want your order delivered to your child, please contact Nicole Griffin at [email protected] and she will arrange to get it to your home.

Thanks for your continued support!

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Celebrate With Books

Celebrate with Books (formerly Legacy Week)

Celebrate with Books is a PTA sponsored event for students of BPS. This event was started to help keep the BPS library stocked with wonderful books. It is an opportunity for your child to donate a book to the library and then “showcase” themselves in one of BPS showcases located outside the office or library.  Fill the showcase with special things that tell us about your child.  A “donated by” label will be placed in your child’s donated book for all BPS eternity.

We still have weeks available.  Please visit Celebrate With Books to get more info on how to sign up.

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December Briefs & Healthy Hints

December’s character trait is Generosity.

Please see school Calendar for all activities in December all dates are in the newsletter as well as on the BPS PTA website calendar.

Healthy Hints focuses on the benefits of sleep. Please see the attached tips and this invitation from BPS Nurse Paula O’Hara:
To promote healthy sleep habits, I encourage your children to bring me a short description of their bedtime routine.  It may be well established or it may be a new routine that helps them fall asleep.  If they share their routine with me, their name will be included in a raffle drawing at the end of the month. Sweet dreams!

Lastly, please read the entire December brief found in the Principals’ Info tab (along the top bar) or by clicking  for the Principal’s Monthly Message that includes information and important dates .


December 2018 Healthy Hints


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Holiday Boutique

 The holiday season is upon us and BPS PTA has organized an amazing Holiday Boutique for the children, offering gifts for their loved ones.  
 The boutique will take place on Thursday, November 29th and Friday, November 30th.  Each class is allotted a certain time to shop.  A shopping schedule will be sent out in advance.  Please prepare your child with money (cash only) and a shopping list (a template will be provided) on their scheduled day.  It is recommended  that you create the shopping list with your child so that they are clear for whom they are shopping and how much they should try to spend on each person. 
 Children can shop for up to 6 people during their designated time but can return after the last
 class has shopped on Friday to buy additional items.   Items range from $1-$5. See Flyer for more info HolidayBoutique 2018

Please volunteer to help students shop or wrap presents here  Holiday Boutique

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Giving Box


The Brookside PTA invites you to help make the holidays happier for a local child or family

You are invited to review the Sign Up Genius and select a child/family from the Cranford Family Care recipient list to support.


There will be a Giving Box by the Main Office where your child can place the gift. **Gifts may be wrapped or unwrapped**


Please attach the number/letter from the Sign Up Genius to the gift so Cranford Family Care may deliver it properly.


To accommodate the delivery schedule, please have your child bring in the gift or gifts to the Giving Box by Tuesday, December 18th by 8:35 AM.

Thank you for your generosity!

More info can be found at BCFC Giving Box Flier 2018 (final)

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Character Trait Gratitude


In November, we build upon our character education with a focus on gratitude. The first grade classes traced their hands to create the feathers of the turkey and wrote five things for which they are grateful.   (Mrs. Gilbertson)

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Spirit Wear Sale

The BPS Spirit Wear Sale will take place from
November 1st – November 12th. Order at
All merchandise should arrive approximately 2 weeks after the sale ends, in time for the holidays.  Please see the flyer with information to purchase and view items below:
The items will be ordered online and distributed directly to the classrooms.  If you don’t want your order delivered to the classroom because it is a gift for the holidays, please email Nicole Griffin [email protected], and she will personally arrange to get it to your home without your family member knowing. 

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November Brookside Briefs & Healthy Hints

November’s character trait is Gratitude.

Thank you to the Walk Your Child to School Day , Fall Fest and Trick or Trunk Committees for bringing the BPS community together in the month of October.

Please read the entire November brief found in the Principals’ Info tab (along the top bar) Principal’s Monthly Message for more information & important dates.


November Healthy Hints 2018

See school calendar for all activities in November all dates are in the newsletter as well as on the BPS PTA website calendar.


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BPS School Store Opens Today

The BPS School Store is open for business!

Student Council and the 5th Grade class along with the PTA will be selling items to each grade level on a monthly basis.  Grades will be able to shop on their designated Friday during recess time.

Items for sale will include novelty pens and pencils, fun erasers, bookmarks, slime, and other exciting items.  Prices will range from $0.50 to $4.00.

The money raised at the school store will be going back to BPS to purchase books for the classrooms and library, recess equipment, board games for indoor recess, and more.  A percentage of the profits will be used for community outreach programs, such as Cranford Family Cares.

Upcoming Dates for the remainder of 2018 are:

November 2nd – 4th & 5th Grade

November 16th – 1st & 3rd Grade

November 30th – 2nd Grade

December 7th – 4th & 5th Grade

December 14th – 1st & 3rd Grade

December 20th (Thursday) – 2nd Grade

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